Friday, December 29, 2006

Good riddance, Duloxetine Hydrochloride.

I think I'm finally over the worst of the effects of withdrawing from Cymbalta. This nasty med was prescribed for me at a dosage large enough to have a "therapeutic" effect on the burning sensations in my feet due to peripheral neuropathy, but it never had any apparent positive impact, despite taking it daily for over a year.

With no gains, and side effects getting steadily worse, including some very unstable emotions on and off, my pain doctor finally agreed it was time to try something else.

So, instead of a drug that is intended to help by affecting brain neurons, I've now started using a cocktail of pain suppressors which a local "compounding" pharmacist makes for me -- by prescription, of course. All I have to do is smear this junk on the souls of my feet twice a day. So far, it seems to help, and with zero side effects. Yea!

Now that I have reason to expect my emotions to be normal again, I'm working on a book proposal that I hope to submit to a publisher in a week or so. I've never liked keeping personal secrets (though I'm very good at keeping other folks' secrets), but I don't want to reveal too much, too soon, because I don't want anyone else to try to scoop me. It takes a looong time for a book to get published, but I'll occasionally mention my progress in general terms. For now, I'll just tell you the major topic is database technology.

Speaking of books, I've started an online novel to explain the origins of Elf Ink. I have the first chapter posted, but I'm not going to put up links in the linky areas of my blaghs until I have a few more chapters done. If you want a sneak preview, I'll give a link here, since this post will get buried by following posts. If you read the first chapter, I'd really appreciate some feedback, positive or negative... mainly, is it interesting enough that you'd like to read more?

Would you believe... Time-Life has finally released the "Get Smart" TV series on DVD. I thought someone might give it to me as a Christmas gift, but I... "missed it by that much." Sorry about that, Chief.

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