Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Introducing: Bizarre Symptom of the Day (BSOTD)

This post will introduce a new category for Quantum John topics: the Bizarre Symptom of the Day (BSOTD). For years I've had a very wide variety of unusual "symptoms" (for lack of a better term) that usually don't last very long, and don't clearly correlate to any of my known physical problems.

BSOTD's will not be presented in the hopes that an astute reader will come up with a cause, though any theories are welcome, but just so I'll eventually have a list of all the strange and unusal bodily effects I'm sometimes affected with. Or is that affects I'm effected with? Or affectations I'm affliated with? Not that it matters...

So, without further ado (and without further Adu, since the D.C. United traded away Freddy Adu), today's BSOTD is: A sharp pain in my left mandibular joint (jaw) when I part my teeth by more than about 1/2 inch. Ta-da...!

This symptom made it's first-ever appearance the day before yesterday, when it lasted a few hours, then went away as mysteriously as it came. Now, it's baaack...

Could this be a Cymbalta withdrawal symptom? Since my sinuses have been bothering me, and there are sinus cavities very close to the mandibular joint, could I have a sinus infection that spread to my jaw? It would have to have been a rather mild sinus infection, since I wasn't even aware of it.

Well, that wasn't hard. One listed, and approximately 1,312,416,008 to go.

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