Thursday, January 4, 2007

Child Charged with a Crime for Wetting Pants

This is disgusting.

I kid you not, a 12-year-old child was charged with the crime of disorderly conduct because she wet her pants when confronted by the school principal after she refused to leave the library. The girl is a "special education" student, which is generally a euphemism for someone with significantly less than average intelligence.

The principal and police allegedly claim that they are sure the girl did it intentionally.

1. A person can suspect whether or not another person wets their pants intentionally, but they cannot know if they are correct or not. If you cannot be certain, you should not arrest a person.

2. She's TWELVE YEARS OLD. Even if she says she did it on purpose, she might be lying out of embarrassment. Even if you could know that she did it on purpose, she's TWELVE YEARS OLD!

Any school principal or police officer that thinks the best solution in such circumstances is to charge the girl with a crime needs to change careers. Their "solution" is powerful evidence that their own intelligence is significantly less than what their jobs should require.

Time to recheck my blood pressure. Arrrrg!

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