Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm in the Pig Club!

Today kicks off The First 2007 Season of HUD's Pig Club, and I'm in!

A buncha folks, including HUD employees and contractors, will weigh in each Thursday for 21 weeks. This institution has been going on for many years, and I'm pretty happy about finding out about it and being allowed to join.

The biggest gainer of each week, based on percentage of body weight, not total pounds, becomes The Pig Of The Week, and the biggest loser becomes The Loser Of The Week. Unless you're a Reverse Pig... then it's sorta flipped sideways so it ends up the other way around. You know. The Pig & Loser of each week get their cubicles or offices festooned with all kinds of endearing memorabilia, such as the "Those Who Indulge, Bulge" homemade poster. [Sure, Dianne, you can use that for one of your designs... it's not copyrighted, or nuthin. If you do, I'll point it out to my colleagues who will be sure to want some mousepads & such with that on it.]

Today I weighed in at 150.5, and my goal is to not gain any weight.

My primary care doc has been concerned since I started taking the thyroid hormone replacement because I haven't gained weight. It's not bad that I haven't gained weight, it's just that she didn't know why I wasn't. Well, guess what a side-effect of Cymbalta is? Yep, and I started taking that almost at the same time I started the hormone thingie. So, now I'm off Cymbalta, and surprise: my weight has gone up 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

I hope I'm not the biggest gainer or loser this season, but it will help to know how I'm fairing week-by-week.

Chow! I mean, Ciao!

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