Thursday, August 3, 2006

Line 'em Up

Line 'em Up
A humorous musing about the rigors of child-raising.

Two little pea squeeks, sitting in a row,
One says, "let's," the other says, "go!"
And go they do, from morning 'til night;
They play together with all of their might.
It's: "Mamma, get up," then, "Mamma, sit down;"
And then they both cry at my weary frown.

They won't eat their lunch without a big fight,
But when lunch is over, it's, "Mamma, bite!"
Will they ever stop for a minute's rest?
There's little doubt, they're my greatest test.

Just when I think I've had all I can take,
I receive some news that just takes the cake -
A new little pea squeek, baby makes three;
Just as rough and tumble as she can be.
She loves to follow the others around,
And oh, with three of them, mischief abounds.

So what came next, have I got you guessin'?
Did you really think I'd learned my lesson?
I really must stop - no more shall I grow,
than four little pea squeeks, sitting in a row.

It's hectic and challenging, all day long,
And if I'm to make it, I must be strong.
Strong in the Lord, and the strength of His might,
Walking in His peace from morning 'till night.

Children are gifts sent to us from above,
Not just a product of mere human love.
Lord, help us teach them to follow Your way -
And as they grow older they will not stray.
Lord, may they love You, wherever they go,
My four precious pea squeeks, all in a row.

Copyright 1996, Carla J. Lambert

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