Sunday, August 6, 2006

The First Christmas

The First Christmas
Why should God become a man?

The spirit of giving,
Is part of the living
And breathing fabric of God.
A miracle of love
Come to us from above,
And upon the earth He trod.

He was born as a man;
Part of God's awesome plan
To show us just how to live.

To love one another
As sister and brother,
Growing and learning to give.

In His birth was our hope,
With our sins He would cope,
And make us all feel brand new.

When He died on the cross
It was not to our loss;
He paid the debt that was due.

Let us never forget
That He knew of our debt;
That long ago Christmas morn.

He knew we couldn't pay
So He gave us a way
To be free -- and He was born.

Copyright December 15, 1994 by Carla J. Lambert

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