Friday, August 4, 2006

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit
A prayer

Oh precious Holy Spirit, come and abide with me.
Let me sense Your presence as You start to set me free.
Free me, Spirit, from the sins that do so keep me bound;
Fill me up, be my friend, and keep me whole and sound.

Make me something that my Lord can find pleasure in;
Nevermore to wander, lost in the ways of sin.
Cleanse my every motive, and let my heart be pure,
For I desire to know Him, of that I am sure.

Oh, to know my precious Lord, and gaze upon His face.
And to feel within my heart the wonders of His grace.
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for making me Your home.
Keep me safe within Your arms, that I may never roam.

Copyright April 27, 1994 by Carla J. Lambert

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