Saturday, August 5, 2006

I Will Love You

I Will Love You
A message from above.

I will love you when you're sick,
And when you're in despair.
I will love through thin and thick,
And I'll always be there.

There is nothing you can do
To change the love I feel.
I will love you through and through,
That fact is very real.

All the love you have inside
Can never out-do Me.
I have sought you far and wide
From where you've tried to flee.

Come to Me just as you are,
And I will take your hand.
I am never very far,
Together we will stand.

I will take the love you give
And spread it far and wide;
For I want all men to live,
And for them all I died.

Copyright November 25, 1994 by Carla J. Lambert

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