Saturday, February 24, 2007

Taking People For Granted

I've always heard that it's wrong to take people for granted.

Why is that?

Carla and I have lots of moments that we concentrate on each other and drink in every little nuance of our friendship, but the vast majority of the time, we don't... we take each other for granted.

Between the times we verbally profess our love for each other (about every few hours), we take it for granted that we love each other. Between the times we're physically intimate (about every few hours), we take it for granted that we're being faithful to each other. [Just kidding about being intimate every few hours... sometimes we take a day off to rest!] Between the times we make plans together, we take if for granted that neither of us will make big decisions without involving the other.

So, yes, we take each for granted. Is that a bad thing? We know each other, we help each other, and we trust each other, and that's why we can take each other for granted. That seems to me like a pretty wonderful thing!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you can technically call your moments of bliss "taking each other for granted". You said it yourself, when it comes down to it, you both show an equal amount of respect and dedication to each other and the relationship. Therefore, the moments in between are part of the whole and in no way reflect either of you taking each other for granted. My example of being taken for granted, from real recent experience, is when your best friend makes plans with you and constantly bails out because some other thing came up, or calling you an hour or two after the agreed time to see if the plans are still on, and not even mentioning his inconsideration. That's not even the part where I'm being for granted, because we all mess up once in a while, and perhaps some of us mess up a lot. The part where he takes me for granted is that the time in between, it is he that complains when I can't get to my cell phone when he calls, or when I turn down an invite from him because I've got other plans. I guess I just don't think taking someone for granted is as light a subject as you present it to be, but we all have a right to our opionion, right? :)