Thursday, March 1, 2007

Simple vs. Complex

A friend recently suggested that complex people tend to have simple ring tones (ring, ring) on their cell phones, and simple people tend to have complex ring tones (musical ditties), just based on her personal observations.

So, is my ring tone simple or complex? Well, my phone's almost always on vibrate, so I don't know what that says about me. But for those rare occasions when I have the sound on, my ring tone is a recording of my own voice saying, "Telephone... telephone..." What do you think? Is that simple, complex, or just strange?


Anonymous said...

Well have you thought about it? Are you a complex simpleton or simply complex? Personally, I think you have a mind of infinite possibilities... me

John said...

Well, everyone is unique, so I'm unique, just like everyone else. Perhaps I'm like Snoopy, who caught a soap bubble between his teeth and was walking along with it when he tripped over a rock, fell, and broke the bubble, inspiring Charlie Brown to comment that he was the only dog he knew that could be both deft and clumsy at the same time.

And I tend to think of myself as having a mind of universal possibilities... which is mostly empty space.