Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pig Track

7 June Update: This week, 143 even. I think next week's weight-in will be the final one for this event.

19 Apr Update: Last week, 146.5, this week, 144.5. My long term target was 145, but I think the Pig Club considers it a good thing if you weight less than the weight that was your original target.

What is the Pig Club?

6 Apr Update: Last week I wasn't at HUD, so I missed the weigh-in. This week I'm down to 147 even.

15 Mar Update: Last week I was down to 148. This week I'm down to 147.5 -- just haven't been very hungry...

24 Feb Update: Last week I was up slightly to 153. This week I was down to 150, earning myself the coveted title of Lean Machine of the Week. Who cares about emmies, grammies, and oscars?

9 Feb Update: The Pig Club's tracking system can't handle a goal of staying the same weight, so I've changed my goal to lose 5 pounds from my starting weight. And I'm headed in the wrong direction...

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