Sunday, June 3, 2007

Update & Poem

Hmm. I haven't posted in over a month. Well, that's about when my muscles started going on strike. The first 3 1/2 months of this year seemed like my body was improving steadily, with just a few minor setbacks now and then. Then my muscles started tightening up.

No big deal, I always have a prescription of muscle relaxers (methocarbomol) from my doc, and I usually keep some on hand. I just take those for a day or two, the muscles get over whatever was causing the problem, and I'm no worse for wear. Except this time.

The problem hasn't subsided, is worse than ever before, and the muscle relaxers have barely kept me functional enough to do my job. I have an appt this coming Friday to talk to the doc again to try to figure out what the cause is so I can start improving again. She's a great doc, I procrastinated making an appt, and it takes a long time to get one, because she's so popular.

Okay, this isn't Carla's poem, it's mine. But I don't wanna create a new category for one entry, and "Carla's poetry" is the closest. It's the only poem I've ever written that I like. And I thought it had been lost forever, but Carla had copied it years ago, and just found it. This poem is from a guy (me) who used to worry about the "waste" of giving cut flowers as a present, until he realized...

An Economist's Justification

"A waste of money,
these flowers will rot!
They'll dry up and wither,
and then what have you got?"

Yes, I know my dozen messengers
will not produce like kind,
but even if they do prove brief,
I certainly will not mind.

For regardless of their life-span,
and their non-regeneration,
yet they provide a forum
of unequaled demonstration;

The Love that these kind friends reflect
says, "I love you a lot!"
And when these sweet red roses,
with their joy have been forgot,
your knowledge of my love for you,
of a certainty, will not.

Thus their cost is not so great,
when their true benefit you see --
for these flowers tell the whole world
that you're worth everything to me!

P.S. Regarding that last line. You always have been. You always will be.

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