Sunday, March 1, 2009

MSSU, Day One

Sunday, 1Mar20098, SQL PFE day 77, MSSU day 1.

Woke up about 6 AM local time, 9 AM Eastern. About 5 hours sleep. The high heat last night melted my foot pads. I had to sit on the edge of the tub and scrape the goo off my feet under the hot water.

I ate a stale pretzel and some left-over peanut M&M's, then checked out the list of apartment-complex amenities. There's a fitness room. I got dressed for a run, took my keys and headed out to find it. There are no signs. Anywhere. There was no one else about at that hour to ask. I remembered the motto of the Virginia Commonwealth and persevered. I mean, there are a limited number of floors and hallways, and it's got to be off one of them right? Finally found it in the South Tower and ran 1.5 miles in 13m3s.

Got back, showered, and dressed. Roommate woke up, we talked and headed out for breakfast. Couldn't find a restaurant open so we went to a Safeway grocery store. We can actually get to it from our apartment without going outside.

Class started at 1 PM local time, at the Lincoln Center a few blocks away. There was free-lance meet and greet with drinks and snacks, then get-to-know-one-another exercises, then a break, then a team-building exercise. We wrapped up around 4 PM local time. Didn't take my umbrella because it wasn't raining when I left the apartment. I won't make that mistake again.

Ran back in a steady light rain and couldn't get my shoes & socks off fast enough. Feet are hurting and I'm getting very sleepy. I need to get a report finished for a customer back home, but I'm not sure how long I can stay awake. Doing it in the morning before class probably won't work, because I have to catch the shuttle to the Microsoft campus at 7:00 AM. Guess I'll put my shoes back on, get something from Safeway, eat, and crash.

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