Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ouch Relief

Well, the nerve blocks were nice for a few hours each time, but then they wore off. Nothing was helping much and we (the doctors and I) weren't making useful progress in figuring out exactly what was wrong with my muscles, ligaments, and tendons, let alone why.

I can now report very good news, however. About a month ago, I had my annual physical, which showed that my cholesterol was finally back into a healthy range, so I stopped taking Lipitor. A few days later, my muscle/ligament/tendon problems were noticably better, on average. And kept getting better. I didn't want to blog this until now, thinking that couldn't be it, and I might start getting worse again.

My neurologist has just told me that considering all the circumstances, he's certain that my muscle problems for the last 9 months was indeed due to Lipitor side-effects, despite the fact that I was on Lipitor for a couple of years before that without those effects. As I've started telling friends and relatives about the Lipitor connection, now they've been telling me, "Oh, you were on Lipitor? I could have told you that causes muscle problems." Nothing like hindsight...

We have no idea why those side-effects kicked in all of a sudden, but boy, what a relief to be rid of them, and to know what the cause was. That was kind of like my nasty experience with Cymbalta, which the neuro-docs put me on a high "theraputic" dose of to try to ease the burning in my feet. I was on that for a long time also before side-effects kicked in and knocked me sideways.

So, I've been perking up, muscles/tendons/ligaments are back to "normal" for me.
I've gotten caught up at work, and things are looking rosy again. And my hobby activity is picking up again, as evidenced by this post! The only pills I'm on now are Levoxyl (thyroid hormone replacement) and 3000IU/day of vitamin D, so I shouldn't be getting any new side-effects from miscellaneous drugs.

A moral to this story? Perhaps that perscription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs. And no, I don't use illegal drugs... I have enough problems without intentionally causing more.

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